February 26, 2008

Yep, I sure did...and it backfired!

First Ever Public Confession (#4 or 5):
I bought the Big Shooter what I thought would be the worst gift ever...on purpose.
You see, one Christmas Eve a few years back, he realized he had no "real gifts" for me under the tree. Oh, he always has the very best stocking stuffers ever...okay, next to my dad. Now, there's a man who takes stuffers to a whole new level.
Anyway, Big Shooter must have counted the gifts under the tree or something because while #2 and I ran to Tar-zhay to grab a little last minute Christmas cheer, he grabbed #1 and whisked him off to Sears. (It's the only other bigger store near us.) Now, what exactly can you run in to Sears and grab for The Love of Your Life? The one who has put up with your really bad humor...the fanning of the sheets for over a decade?
Why, a 10x magnifiying mirror "so you can see better to pluck the stray whiskers out of your chin".
Oh, yessss. He did.
I, thankfully, got in a car accident on the way home so I was on serious pain meds the next morning - Christmas morning.
In turn, being the mature grown-up woman I am, bought him an iron for Father's Day.
It backfired.
He proudly told everyone at work the next day about it.
He uses it every night to iron his shirt for the next day.
I think he finds ironing relaxing.

Bottom line: he loves it.


What's the worst gift you've ever received or given? Do tell.


Anonymous said...

Simply, a kitchen paper towel holder/dispenser...and "BINGO" there it is very day ..just to remind me.
Though..and truly..the very worst gift I have recieved ever according to my very sweet wife ...are the soon to arrive ants to complete the ant farm given to me by #1 Christmas 2007. The ants are a POINT of conversation most "every" day accompanied with individual breakaway meetings and return for discussion!
The ants are not winning.


FerLee said...

I dated this guy for 4 years during high school and after. We broke up right before Christmas but decided to exchange gifts anyway. We'd gone shopping before the breakup and I had seen this HORRID dalmation dog that barked Christmas carols. I was adamate about how much I hated it. Well, when I opened my gift from him, foolishily thinking it would be something memorable considering the years we'd been together, it was that dreadful dalmation dog. Should have known, it was his lack of consideration that was one of the reasons for the break up.

Flea said...

I LOVE to iron! I even posted about it awhile back, with pictures of my iron (if I wasn't so lazy I'd find and link it here).
Worst gift was the fire extinguisher and oven mitts from the MIL. I had burned down someone's kitchen several years before, so this added insult to injury. She and I had issues.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I love your paper towel holder! I have looked for one similar for a long time. I say long time b/c I am sure I could find one if I actually SHOPPED for one...I just peruse the kitchen aid aisle every once in a while in Tar-zhay.
And the ants, so sorry they have caused such tension. She's doing great as Granny without having giving birth and learning all those unpleasant lessons you learn along the way...when you do, it just makes ants seem...normal. She's doing an admirable job! Tell her her efforts will be rewarded one day when #1 realizes the trauma he is putting her through! By the way, they won't be coming until spring so you can put them in your barn where you and Montana can camp out and watch them...

Anonymous said...

I can tell you where a copy of that an Identical paper towel holder can be gotten. Since it is the paper towel holder "From Hell!! Also, maybe able to pick one up for ya in a few years!

P.S.S. I did come back and take a look..glad I did.

tessa said...

In college, my then boyfriend/now husband asked what I wanted for my birthday during a nasty little fight. I yelled "saline" (yes, as in for contacts). I was being a total terd and assumed he knew I was LYING!

He didn't. Which means he did. I remind him of this precious token of love every year. Aww. =)

Christine said...

I dated a guy who me a coffeemaker for Christmas. And a "very nice pen" for my birthday. I felt like I was dating Bob Barker.