February 8, 2008

Which one?

Oh pray tell!! What vanity I can no longer deny I have! I am in the midst of re-vamping this blog's looks and cannot for the life of me decide on a picture of myself. So here are the questions I put forth. I have only a few current pics to choose from.

This one.

And this one.

Or maybe this one.

I know they look the same...but not exactly the same.

Here are my vain thoughts on the subject:
1) The actual picture on the new blog will not be as big as these so you won't be able to so readily see my crooked canine teeth, splotchy facial skin and globbed mass of mascara.
2) The one that shows just part of my face hides my second (and third) chin and I don't have the scared wide-eyed look.
3) I am seriously thinking of fore goin' a real picture of moi and goin' with either a sexy saloon girl or an old granny grunt (in honor of my real Granny Grunt of course).

So what shall it be? One of these... or grin and bear it and have Big Shooter take more?

Oh, and just for fun...

Should I choose this one I call "Gene Pool"...

...this one called "Caught Digging for Carrots"...

...or this take on the classic very scary Shining scene "I'm baaaaack..."?
Decisions, decisions. I hate decisions.


FerLee said...

Ok, I'm lovin' the top one of you and of Brian. Your hair looks FABULOUS by the way. LOVE IT!!!!! Oh, tried to e-mail your dear hubby from your previous blog and it bounced back to me. HMMM???? Is the address right????

Karla Porter Archer said...

I did a post awhile back with photos of me with different hairstyles (from one of those web site where you upload your photo and it shows you with celebrity hairstyles) and someone suggested using one of those as my photo (one of the crazy silly ones) It's tempting...

I like the top one. And you and your husband have some rockin' glasses! Love em.


Anonymous said...

Words from the Almighty WISE ONE!

Seek Professional Help..
same for Portrait.....


faroutmom said...

I agree with Jennifer. I love your hair. Longest I've seen it except in pics. Looks great.

I also tried to email Bri but it came back to me also. Said it was an unknown server. Did he get to the Doc? When is he going under the knife?

Shawna said...

hehe... Do you all ever take pictures NOT in the car? The first one is the best, your big eyes in the second one look a little like Hillary. Just kidding ;) Maybe your jr. photographer could help you out...

Donna Boucher said...

I love the top picture of you.You are adorable and I didn't even notice the teeny bit of chin.

You're a doll!
Miz Booshay....stoppig by from Two Edge Talk