June 8, 2009

A picture says a 1,007 words...


Flea said...

OMG! WHERE did you get that shirt?!? I always tell my kids they were dropped on their heads when they were little. And my Little Guy LOVES the shirts with stupid sayings!

ShEiLa said...

That is a way cute T-shirt.

I think all of our kids could use one. Sometimes I think I was dropped on my head.

Thanks for the humor and laugh.


TackyTees...inTonkawa said...

That would be funny if it weren't actually TRUE!

I had a friend in college who used to wear around this T-shirt that said "Who Farted?" and it was covered with jagged, brown edged holes. I could ruin his life if I only had a photo camera back then.

I saw my absolute, pee your pants funny, T-shirt of all time hanging in a little shop in Mexico. The caption read:

"I can't come in to work today because the voices in my head are telling me to stay home and clean my guns." It's possible the jello shots could've contributed to the funniness.

The most inappropriate one I ever saw, I cannot share in a public forum -- but remind me to tell you the next time we meet. ;)

You guys have to come visit soon... I'm actually missing you. Tell Blind & Senseless he can even wear his wetsuit. And don't forget to pack his snorkel,goggles,and nose plug.

Anonymous said...

So funny! Love the T-Shirt.