June 9, 2009

Life Lessons...just keep comin'

Remember when I introduced our great neighbor The Recluse Artist? I mentioned then how I wanted to have the whole thing all thought out and go in order down my street and how that never seems to be how things work out in the Shooter house.

Well, I actually had a post ready to go to introduce you to Fruitcake Mary this week. Instead, you're going to meet the newest additions ~ Bugsy & Precious.
Before I formally introduce them, I need to explain the change up...
Y'all know our precious Sweet Girl, our Eula Mae.
Girl Child's buddy. Her confidant. Her playmate.
Her friend that she misses more than words can explain.
(It's a whole other post. Maybe for tomorrow in fact, cause I need some Momma advice.)
Well, things are happening over at our Sweet Girl's house that are turning out to be very difficult to watch.
First, Harley Momma (I'm tellin' ya, I have great neighbors!) and I had to find a home for Miss Daisy the shitzu. That about killed us all from the git-go.
Then, the lady-who-we-all-trusted-with-our-Eula Mae, and her son backed a truck up to the door and proceeded to steal several very large items. We all watched. We thought she was taking them to our Sweet Girl in the nursing home.
Next have been the countless, daily prospective home buyers. I don't know why it's so hard to watch strangers go in and out...but, it is. My protectiveness of Eula Mae is overwhelming. I don't want people looking at her stuff. Touching her things. My littlest Crumb Snatcher is not dealing with it pleasantly. She starts a fight with her brother and acts hideously if she's outside at the time of the showing. I finally figured this out the other day when I witnessed the whole thing from start to finish. My heart hurt for her. I guess she figures if she makes a big enough scene, the people looking will not want to live near her.
Girl Child came in yesterday with a stricken look and that precious chin quivering. Because now there's a trailer parked in the drive-way for the auction house...
It's tough being 40 and watching all this going on. I get it. I don't like it, but I understand it.
Crumb #2 is 9. She doesn't get. She doesn't understand it. She doesn't like it. And she's struggling.
I've been having a long conversation with God about this whole thing.
His answer couldn't have been more perfect.
And here they are...

That's Bugsy with The Belly. And Precious, her finance'.
Why those names?
Since I've only lived next to them for two months I haven't come up with any permanent names yet. The Recluse Artist, Harley Momma, Sweet Girl, The Newlyweds, Hot Head Tom, Crazy Larry and Fruitcake Mary are all appropriate because I've lived with them for a long time! Know what I mean?
So Bugsy is Bugsy because that's her real nickname. I can't call her it. I don't know why. I call her by her beautiful given name. It fits her. She's beautiful. Inside and out.
The beautiful artwork on her chest? It is a tribute to her momma. She died at 36. It's literally a piece of art. She's a trained classical musician. She rides a unicycle. She knows more about cars than Big Shooter. (I know. He has a big crush on her.) She used to make reeds for Yamaha. She paints. And she's about to bless The Neighborhood with June Bug. (Girl Child and I have a big crush on her too. I think Crumb #1 does too. But I think it for reasons this momma doesn't want to contemplate at the present. Thankyouverymuch.)
Precious will roll his eyes when I tell him that's what his name is...for now. I tried a bunch. Tat Boy (he has a bunch you can't see in the pictures). Dreadlock Dude. Bugsy's Boy. Cool Cat. They all work. But none fit. He is, by far, the most thoughtful, hardworking, responsible and loving 21 yo I have met in a loooong time. So what does a over bearing, compulsive momma call that? Why, Precious, of course.
And he is.
And they are.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: It's been a while since you've experienced the Compulsive Nurturer. I must first give you my condolences and second, my gratitude because you are handling it beautifully! Thank you, Love.


Flea said...

Oh! I hurt for your girl and Eula Mae! For all of you. But so glad you have neighbors who love you and you can love in return. It really is true that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved.

ShEiLa said...

These two... Bugsy & Precious... look like an awesome couple. Isn't it refreshing to find young people that are awesome and you connect to right away. Thank heavens for people like this in our neighborhoods.

I can't imagine the struggle you are feeling over Eula Mae. Tony's Granny & Papa always told us... when we pass away you have to protect our home as we have seen how quickly the vultures arrive on the scene to scavage what they will. Very sad. I sit and shake my head wishing that this were not true and I so know it is.

My sympathy to you and girl child and EulaMae.


ps. no trouble linking to you today... hallejulah!

Anonymous said...

You live in a great neighborhood!


Podcastin' Cyndi said...

Your post left me teary-eyed - I guess I'm becoming soft and squishy!

Anonymous said...

I haven't stopped by to say "hi" for awhile. Your neighborhood is interesting. Soul Sis