June 3, 2009

Finally! A new mistress.

The search was exhausting.

The search was torment.

The search was arduous.

The search took us from sea to shining sea.

(By sea I mean tears...His wimpering and sniffling got old.)

But FINALLY, he has found the Perfect Girl to replace the tramp that plagued my life for far too long.

I may even partake in a menage trois now and then just to get the job done if need be!

Meet Red Toro. His new love.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I should have known you'd do a bang-up job. She's pretty. She's clean. She's respectable. And best of all her reputation is irrefutable. Congratulations Big Shooter on a fantastic choice.


ShEiLa said...

I am glad that the search is over... you'all must feel exhausted.


Flea said...

Sweet! Good choice!

Gordostyle said...

Don't be fooled... this girl gets around... she is with my hubby too! :o) TRAMP!

Anonymous said...

Ride her hard and put her away wet. I may even give her to my son when he is ready for a some action.

Big shooter

Anonymous said...

She's a looker!

I'm having a blog carnival this week...wanna play along? Come check it out.


Scruples...inSallisaw said...

It's hard to believe you two have children. "Ride her hard, and put her away wet." What kind of father makes a statement like that?

Never mind, I just answered my own question. The same kind who:

a) wore a wetsuit in public
b) allowed himself to be photographed wearing a wetsuit in public.
c) allowed himself to be photographed with his DAUGHTER while wearing a wetsuit in public.
d) allowed his wife to post a photograph of him wearing a wetsuit with his daughter in public on her blog.

And SS... a menage a trois with a guy who wears a wetsuit in public and a piece of lawn equipment? Whoa. DHS must be seriously under-staffed not to have removed those children from your residence considering the number of complaints I've personally phoned in!

What is this world coming to? The next thing you know, our President will be claiming we're a Muslim nation!