March 2, 2009

Which would you rather?

  • Know boundless love from a beautiful man?


  • Know beautiful love from a bound man?

Love Note to my Big Shooter: So glad I don't have to choose, you are my beautiful, bound man...Rrrr.


ShEiLa said...

Can't I have both?


Anonymous said...

As long as it's not love from the man on Bachelor. I am so done with that show. Poop on him.

Flea said...

Choices, choices. Stop making me choose!

Goob said...

I prefer my men wild and boundless

Anonymous said...

Just what is wrong with you two? Obviously your other readers find your "relationship" cute & charming, but your behavior is nothing less than downright disturbing. You have a middle-aged, hormonal mother talking about yoo-hoos and bondage with her cross-dressing, tattoed husband. Is this what the all-american family has come to?! Good grief people... rent a video and be done with it!