March 12, 2009

"It smells a little like poo in here..."

"...or chicken...," Big Shooter quickly tried to backtrack when he entered the house and then realized I was cooking.

Too late.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: How was that yummy, plain noodle bowl for dinner Big Guy? The kids and I loved our chicken alfredo...


ShEiLa said...

That so totally sounds like something my hubby would say.

He comes in from work and starts sniffing... and I know he smells something he doesn't like.

Too Funny.


Flea said...

Chicken Poo Alfredo! Sounds yummy!

My Hunny would do the same thing. Stinker.

Anonymous said...

Check your pants Big Guy.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Uh, OH...

My husband told me one of my meals resembled pond scum. Poop, pond scum - it's all a bad move on their part.

Enjoy dinner!