February 2, 2009

The Ask Big Shooter Post

Every coupla weeks I get an email asking questions about Big Shooter. Last week, I had one asking about his blog name compared to his real name. Many times they ask how we met or what our marriage is really like. Did he really write the love letter to me? Once someone asked if he likes fried chicken...

So I figured I'd see if there's anything you'd like to ask him? Or me...about him? He's agreed to answer any questions you might throw his way. Which, honestly, scares me.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I just have two words to say/remind you of ~ Family Blog.
Fact of the Day: When it comes to tornadoes, the U.S. rules the world. Literally. We average 700 a year. There are only two states who do not have them on a regular basis: Alaska and Rhode Island. I thought that was pretty interesting. I knew Okie-homa would be high on the list. We were. 56 is our average. But, the great state of Texas whoops us each year. Their average? 124. Holy.Cow.


FIL said...

Ask Big Shooter to tell us how do you gut a deer?

Love ya

ShEiLa said...

I can't think of anything to ask Mr. BS right now. It's a good thing we know what BS stands for... at least on this blog.

I love the photo of you two. I know I have seen it before. Do you want to know what I see. A couple in love. Totally devoted to one another... even when times get tough.

Can't wait to see the answer to the last question. I do know how this is done. [hunting with my Dad... don't like it... but I have witnessed it...not done it myself]


ps. if I think of something... i will make another comment.

faroutmom said...

I want to know where he buys his right sexy glasses?

Does he still do that hissing noise when he speaks of one pair of his glasses?

Where is the wig that he wore in the above picture?

Does he wear it to work? Or anywhere? And try to pass it off as his own?

Does he wear the pleather pants on any occasion? Say, Friday nights? wink-wink

BS, can your wife come to KC for a weekend since I can't make it there for her birthday this year?

Can I have some Arby's coupons?

Will you write a post about some of the antics that S.S. doesn't tell us about?

Are you still in the screen printing business?

Are these questions to boring?

Have you ever split your pants in public?

Have you ever stolen a road sign?

Have you ever egged or tp'd a house?

FIL said...

Have you ever shot your sister with a B.B. gun?

Christine said...

Was your Halloween costume actually the one time last year you got to be yourself? C'mon, you can tell me!

Anonymous said...

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