July 28, 2008

I have appointed myself!

I can remember squatting in front of my grandparents black and white TV as a very young child watching track and field beside my gramps and hearing my grandma and mom cheering on the athletes behind us. I vividly remember how proud my family members were when our fellow Americans shined with their efforts and proudly waved from the coveted podium. And I remember watching with awe my strong, invincible grandfather with tears running down his cheeks as he witnessed a stranger from another land far, far away show an indomitable spirit or display exemplary sportsmanship.

The Olympics hold sacred memories for me because I associate them with wonderful childhood memories, my insufferable patriotism, hope for the under-dog, the peace I feel in my spirit for a couple of very short weeks.

I look forward to them more than holidays and birthdays.

Many people think it is a waste of time.

Maybe I am naive. Maybe I still believe in fairy tales. Maybe I just need more out of life.

What ever it is, I want to pass it on to our two precious Crumb Snatchers.
  • I want them to believe the world can come together in peace. If only for two weeks.
  • I want them to believe hard work, determination and practice pays for itself in the end.
  • I want them to grasp the insurmountable odds people face...and over come.
  • I want them to witness true sportsmanship.
  • I want them to watch, with the world, as nations reach across tracks, pools, fields, and gyms to offer a helping hand.

  • I want them to see first hand the hard endings, the unbearable disappointments. So they can learn empathy.
  • I want them to cheer so loud and long for someone they don't know that their throats hurt the next day.
  • I want them to see tears of happiness, regret, joy and pain.
  • I want them to experience astonishment.
  • I want them to know what it means to hear their anthem played.
  • I want them to want to stand to their feet and proudly sing The Star Spangled Banner.
  • I want them to dream. And dream big.
So I have appointed myself their Official Olympic Guide.

And yours too. If you'll have me. (Read - stick with me for the next month or so.)

Maybe our enthusiasm will rub off.

Maybe you'll find yourself wanting to see the twin brothers from Massachusetts fight for the gold. Maybe it will change your opinion of their performance to find out the original pair that actually won the hard-fought-for spot on the '08 Team accepted it and then immediately stepped down and offered it to the Mass. twins because they believe the twins will represent the U.S. better? Can you imagine the pressure those two now bear?

How about the fact one of the world's best marksman who will compete in these games is not a marksman, but markswoman. From a Middle Eastern, predominantly Muslim country. I wonder, what kind of influence that can have on Girl Child who has already asked for "a pink camo compound bow" for Christmas this year?

I plan on sharing daily Olympic Facts leading up to the Games. Then will switch to Highlights after they begin. I sincerely hope you stick with me. I'll be oh so lonely if the two or three of you leave to find greener pastures while I go through my red, white and blue phase.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I may scare 'em all off Love. It may just be me, you, and a dog named Blue. Or is it #1 and #2?


Flea said...

Is it just me, or do you also have the urge to yell "Play ball!" every time you say the Pledge of Allegiance?

Fawn said...

Sounds like fun. I'm in!

Rudy said...

I'll be watching them right along with you! I enjoy the summer olympics more than the winter ones.

Anonymous said...

We are- and have always been- huge Olympics fanatics! As a Canadian, certainly, the winter games offer a bit more reward to the hours in front of the tube- more medals- but, like you, I have great summer memories attached to the Olympics!
I will be watching kayaking rabidly... our best(only?!?!) hope for a medal.
Not that that's what it's all about of course....

Anonymous said...

Well said...and great lessons...

Gordostyle said...

You've totally got me "siked" up to watch the games! And, I've NEVER gotten into the Olympics! However, you are SO right about teaching children ALL of those values! And, I definitely want/need to teach my own those very ones!
Thanks for the inspiration!

ShEiLa said...

I must admit that your excitment is contagious. I was discussing your previous post with my hubby. He has the fond childhood memories of the Olympics like you do. So I have decided that my parents didn't instill that in me... your kids will be just fine. They will love the Olympics like you do.
ps. today I am so thankful for fanatics.

Anonymous said...

Sister, I'm with you all the way! This is one excited family, it's the first time we have satelite to watch ALL the events. I have memories of my oldest crying when he was 4--that he would have to wait until he was 8 to see them again. Now he will be 12 and I remember a "second" ago nursing him while I watched all the events. Heather

Anonymous said...

You know I'll be right here with you. I have almost the same experience with my family about the Olympics. I can't get enough. Thanks for keeping us updated on the stuff we miss!

FerLee said...

I love the swimming. I remember watching synchronized swimming. My mom, sis and I LOVED watching them do all those ballet moves under water and how long they held their breath...man, amazing!!! They don't show that much now...why is that. You're the Olympic Guru...when's it on???

I will enjoy the games...perhaps not as much as you...with my children, and I will enjoy it through you, my DEAR!!!!!

Karen said...

I cry watching any Olympic games...it was a big deal in our family...what happened ? My 4 boys all teenage and up...never 'got' it...somewhere we messed up...I just can't figure it out.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am excited to read you Olympic posts! You are doing a great job - I'll be reading!!