July 27, 2009

R.I.P. Straight Shooter

Good Morning World from my hospital bed in Plainsville!

Long time no hear from I know. Here's why:
  • Had a hysterectomy. (don't need any more Sweet and Loving Spawn)

  • Had major bladder repair. (hopefully, no more spontaneous piddling on the floor)

  • Big Shooter took aforementioned Sweet Spawn to Idaho to hang with their beloved Grammie while I recuperated...

  • While BS was 5 states away, I threw a couple pulmonary embolisms.

  • Started to bleed to death.

  • Crashed.

  • Went to ICU.

  • Got stabilized.

  • Started to bleed to death.

  • Crashed.

  • Stopped breathing.

  • Went to ICU.

  • Crashed.

  • Stayed in ICU.

  • Now stable on blood thinners.

  • Third week in hospital.
Nothing new and exciting going on here. How about you?
Love Note to my Other Spouse: Saucy Sashi, how to thank you for never letting my hand go during the first scare? Keeping me calm, lifting me up in prayer, being my spouse until BS could return? You literally saved my life. You're a hero.
Love Note to Big Shooter: Where to begin? Thank you for rushing back to be by my side? Thank you for never stop talking so I could hear your voice in those scary, scary times? Thank you for sleeping on a rock hard sofa(ish) for weeks and never uttering a complaint just so your presence can be a comfort to me? Thank you for being a rock? An anchor? My life preserver?


Gordostyle said...

OMGosh! I'm so sorry! SO sorry! Holy cow! That was not the post I expected to hear when you came back! I was thinking you were having a healthy BUSY summer! Wow... Ok then... SO glad you're OK! Are you OK? Hope so! Sending hugs and saying prayers for a healthy you! Smiles, Jen

Kristina P. said...

WHAT?!?!? Oh my goodness! I hope you're doing better. I am thinking of you!

FerLee said...

OMGosh...I knew you were there...saw you a week ago Saturday. Talking with Soul Sis to get full story!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you made them sick of you yet? Is there any talk of letting you out? Soul Sis

Flea said...

Omigoodness. I wish I'd known. I'd have been praying and visiting. Is it too late to come visit?

Karate Mom said...

Oh wow! What a story! I don't even know you but I'm glad you're doing better!

I popped over here because Shawna Merritt (whom I knew in high school) posted a link on Facebook.
Then I was taken aback because Flea left a comment and I know her, and it was like two worlds collided!

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh My Goodness!!!!! I was just thinking today that you had not been around for a bit. I'm so glad you are healing. Take it one day at a time. Feel the good vibes going you way...Carla

Jodi said...

WOW! I've been following your blog since the Olympics last year. I'm so sorry for all you've been through. Yikes, said a prayer for you for a smooth recovery after all you've been through! oh my, hang in there, girl!

Flea said...

Wait! Karate Mom! Man, I so wish I could visit you. I'd bring you chocolate and flowers. Not really. I'd just bring myself and some jokes. Where y'at, girlfriend?

Sara said...

Not a good post title!! I was just thinking of you and missing your posts and was even really worried that something happened then I read that title!! Not nice. Get better - we miss you

jenni said...

Oh my God! I don't usually say Oh my God, but seriously...Oh my God!It's being said as a serious prayer! More prayers for speedy recovery...(((HUGS))) to you and BS and the spawn...

Jenni said...

I really wish I could come visit if you're up to it! email me onething (at) beautifulheritage (dot) com if you are...

ShEiLa said...

I knew that something was terribly wrong... just didn't know what. YOU were on my mind many days and nights.

I have had the same awful surgery. Hysterctomy with bladder tie-up... it was falling out. I will spare you the details... you probably already know.

I will include you in our prayers.

YOU have really been through the mill... so sorry to hear this.


ps. I'll drop an e.mail later... we have had some craziness here too. Not quite like yours.

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

You're in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. ♥

Goob said...

you have taken my breath away. I had wondered where you've been, I'm just so sorry to hear that its not on vacation. I just don't even know what words to write that won't come out trite. Just know that I mean it with all my heart that I pray for your full recovery, for you, and for your family.

Heather said...

Holy Cow!! How terriby scary! I'm so glad you're doing better. I, too, thought you were just having a busy Summer. Prayers for you and yours.

jenni said...

Still thinking of you often and hoping you are back on your feet soon. ((((((HUGS))))))

Christine said...

I know you are drinking up every moment of late with the kiddos...they are back, now, aren't they?! Just thinkin' about you; and I know you'll start your hilarious writing back up when things get back to normal for you.

Or maybe you'll start it back up anyway. : )

Anonymous said...


I can't believe it. I'm sure you can't either. You tell of your life and death experiences like they're a hilarious tale...you're an amazing woman.

You'll be in my prayers. No go get better!!!!


Gordostyle said...

Hello? ARE YOU OK? Hope so!!!!! We're all worried! Hope all is well and just busy with summer's end! Smiles,

6 Happy Hearts said...

Ok I was gone for few months & only to find this post?!
God is with you & I hear Him in your writing.
Can't wait to hear what journeys you have been on during this time.
Be well & write soon! XoXo

Kristina P. said...

I'm still thinking of you! I hope you're OK!

Flea said...

Hey. How are you doing?

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