January 2, 2010

To be or not to be...

resolute?  That is the question.

Big Shooter and I have not made any resolutions in years because, honestly, what's the point of putting  ourselves through the agony of facing our giant out-of-reach goals in the next few weeks and then withstanding the emotional failure of having to consciously let them go by the way side?  Why put ourselves through that again and again?  So we haven't.  We stopped like 15 years ago.

I'm so over that silly decision.

I'm staking my claim.  Making them in public. 

One easy, make-ya-feel-good kind.
And one not so easy to keep, but a make-ya-feel-good-if-ya-keep-it kind.

The first is going to come as a complete surprise to you all.
I'm going to commit to being a complete and utter over-the-top fool for the 2010 Olympics.  (I know.  Go ahead and pick yourself up now.) 
Here's how: I'm going to publish a daily Getting to Know Your USA Team post for 30 days leading up to the blessed event. The first one will be January 13th.  (Just doing you a favor so you can hold your breath, break out all your red, white and blue clothes and prepare the snacks.)

The second one is a bit more hairy to accomplish since it will involve many of my family members.  And y'all know that's like herding cats.  While talking with an old family friend she explained how she'd appointed herself the Family Orator.  Once a month she sends everyone in the fam a Family Update.  I miss my family dearly living here in Plainsville.  Some live in Idaho, some in Washington, some in Colorado, some in Conneticut and some in Wyoming.  So I've now appointed myself the 2010 Family Orator.  (If you're reading this fam, I'll be calling you soon with my interview questions, pen and pad...puh-leeze answer the phone.  I really want to accomplish one New Year's Resolution in my life!)

Love Note to my Big Shooter: (Sigh.)  I'm still counting the ways...


Unknown said...

The Olympics? Really?

Glad to hear from you.

FerLee said...

Oh, SO not surprised. I would be more surprised if you said very little about the olympics. I do look forward to your info that I don't take the time to obtain for myself. I'm also thrilled that we're at least close to the same time zone as the olympics this year. Maybe now I'll get to see some of those less popular events that seem to get hidden away in obscure coverage.

Oh, btw, nice to see you back on blogging!!!

suzspeaks said...

those are both great!! I'm glad you're back.. I missed you! Now, If I'll start posting again, we'll be in business!

Anonymous said...

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