January 16, 2010

Anti-War Monger

Y'all know nothin' lights my fire faster than questionable treatment of our troops ~ the men, women and families who sacrifice so much every day for each of us to live our lives in the manner we've come to demand and expect, instead of treasure and respect.
So imagine my reaction to THIS ap article I came across this evening...

A group led by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has protested near the CIA's headquarters and former Vice President Dick Cheney's home in northern Virginia.

They were protesting the use of unmanned drone aircraft to attack al-Qaida and Taliban targets.

The group of about 70 people rallied alongside a highway near the CIA compound Saturday. About half then marched to Cheney's nearby street and stayed for 20 minutes. Police kept them from going down his street.

Sheehan's 21-year-old son Casey was killed in Iraq in April 2004. She staged a prolonged demonstration outside former President George W. Bush's ranch near Crawford, Texas, in 2005.

She says using drones is "cowardly" and "immoral."

I don't get it people.  I really, really don't.
She's protested the war in general for years.  I do get that.  It's been a long haul.  It's been extremely costly in American lives.  But, I also feel there's been no real solution presented to the problem either.  (I was secretly harboring a hope the Messiah would have presented/followed through with his solutions by now.)  So if she was protesting that, I'd understand.  But she's not.  She's protesting the use of NON-MANNED WEAPONS against true enemies of the state. 

These groups make no bones about it, no justifications, no excuses, not the merest hint of denial about the way they feel about us or Israel.  We are dogs.  We are infidels.  We are whores.  They hate us.  They wish each one of us dead.  They are training to kill as many of us as they can.  They plan their attacks on our troops day and night.  They will stop at nothing.  She wants us to leave them alone.  That's her opinion.  She's entitled to it.  The troops are fighting for her right to express herself freely. 
The catch is, they are going to continue attacking us.  We will need to defend ourselves against them whether we are there or here.  Period.
And according to her, saving American lives by using non-manned methods is "cowardly" and "immoral".

mon⋅ger [muhng-ger, mong-]
–noun 1. a person who is involved with something in a petty or contemptible way


FerLee said...

The stupidity of some people continues to surprise me...although I have no idea why. This woman is a lunatic, pure and simple. I'm thankful that anyone with any sense sees right through her and takes her ramblings for what they are...pure nonsense!!!

Anonymous said...

shootinstraight.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

theres a reason why some people would blow themselves up just so that they can can kill other person. as long as america continue with wat they are doing to muslim country, it'll never end. ofc u didnt see evil in wat they do rite? how the israel treats palestine.. its just cause n effect, nothing more.. why don't u go research a bit andmaybe u'll find wat drives a man/woman to clad themselves with explosives.

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