January 22, 2008

My Second Spouse...Saucy Sashi

This is my friend.

She's my bosom buddy, confidant, accomplice, well wisher, ally, alter-ego, amigo, chum, cohort, compatriot, compadre, crony, fellow trouble maker, other self, pal, partner, playmate, sidekick and my best supporter.

I have my own saying for all these wrapped up with a bow ~ She's my Sister~Friend!

Now, since I went and got all mushy, I don't want to leave you with the wrong impression. So please allow me to add a few more details to this very important relationship in my world.
As the title implies she is my second spouse...truth be told, most of the time she feels like my primary spouse. And you and I both know what havin' a spouse entails...you know waaay too much personal information for either party's good. You finish each other's sentences. We follow the other's train of thought from A to G to C to W to F and finally to Z without any trouble... It happens when you spend so much time together. Any one relate?
We have stretched each other in ways neither of us could have ever imagined a few years ago. With humble wonder we have witnessed God's hand guiding us in our business venture. We have giggled, chortled and snorted our way through many a situation and I personally look forward to each day I get to spend with my living Gift from God. I love you Saucy Sashi. Just don't tell anyone or I'll deny it...

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Anonymous said...

Well, comforting to know you finally have a friend..sorta..