April 20, 2009

Don’t even know where to start…

So I’ll just start typing and see what comes of it.

Ever stopped, cold turkey, something that border lined addiction? (Like, say… blogging?)
Did you go thru withdrawls? (Like the kind associated with blogging.)
What did you do? (You know for the finger curling? And mind-numbing, overabundance of time?)
How long did they last? (When I finally realized the familiar statement, “I’m gonna so blog about that,” didn’t have quite the punch/threat/reaction I so relished…I finally began to accept my self exile.)
I am not even sure what brought the whole thing on.
I just know it's pretty much run it's course now.

Regarding Big Shooter moving back in...y'all know our Deal right?
Anyone can walk away from the marriage at any moment...as long as they take the bad car and the Spawn.
Neither one was too overly appealing so he put on his big boy jock strap and dealt with it! He even told me "Thank you for loaning me my testicles for a few days to help me over the hump."

Just kidding people...about him moving in and out. Not about the testicle loaning.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you for being supportive of me while I went thru this grumpy dry spell. Your patience are astounding...you should really have your head examined.


Kristina P. said...

It seems like a lot of people are going through a blog funk right now.

Flea said...

I was there with you just a couple of months ago. I get it.

Unknown said...

We let you have your funk(y?) time but now we expect some awesome blogs out of you. I missed ya and am so glad to see a new post!!!

ShEiLa said...

I surely have missed you...
B I G T I M E.

Maybe I do need to e.mail. It sounds like you are not too fond of blogging right now.

Do you swear off e.mail too?


Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened to you. Glad you're back and ok. You are ok, right?


Gordostyle said...

WELCOME BACK! Boy, it sure is good to see you bloggin' again! Even if I am supporting your addiction!


Queen B said...

Totally understand. Missed you, but admire you for taking a break!