April 1, 2008

Whatcha think...

of the new Big Shooter?
Cause if ya'll only knew how many emails I've answered about this poor woman! She's on there because I haven't been on vacation, I mean taken the time to have an Old Timey pix done lately and the only other selection I had to chose from was an O L D worn-out pioneer granny sitting on her porch chewing cha...which now that I think about it...probably fit me better. But instead, I chose this sassy, teasing saloon girl instead.
That was until my FIL (Father-in-Law for you newbies) decided to whip out this stunner! Oh, my...!
Tell me whatcha think.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: You always make me feel like a sassy, tease instead of an old worn out momma! Thanks Big Guy.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? That picture is of you don't try to fool us on April Fools day. I know the truth and I'm not falling for it.
See you later today,

Flea said...

I like the one in the side bar better. :) And my Hunny makes me feel like that, too. Isn't it the greatest?

FerLee said...

Burst out laughing when I saw it...TEE HEE HEE!!!!!

ShEiLa said...

Ok, I have been checking out your blog for a little while now. I just assumed the picture on the left was YOU. Did your FIL use a 'photo-shop' type program? Since I don't even know you I may be totally off base. But since this is posted on the right... speak before you think, shoot your mouth off half-cocked, eat your share of crow, quiet a room with one little bitty comment? Well then, let me be the first to say, "Welcome...we must be kin." I think we are KIN! I must say that I enjoy your blog immensely and have started telling my friends about. Keep the posts a comin'. -toodles- Sheila in Nevada

Flea said...

Given your current BS theme, I thought you might like to do the meme I've posted. Since I haven't OFFICIALLY tagged you, there's no rush. But you are so tagged!

Karla Porter Archer said...

I kept meaning to ask you about that profile photo. Glad you addressed it since apparently I seem to be communicating my comments telepathically these days...

xo ~ K

Lindsay said...

You are a riot!

Vicki aka Diva Mom said...

OK, so I'm slow on the draw with your 'Interview Me' questions - I'll make 'em easy!
1) What is your homepage set to?
2) What is on your mousepad?
3) What is the last purchase you made online?
4) Do you have itunes? If so, what are the last 3 songs you purchased?
5) Check out your history - what are the last 3 webpages you surfed to?

The rest of the 'rules' are back on my original post! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Love the new pic :o)